Wrap up Distributech 2024!

What a great way to wrap up the #distributech2024 with the ARPA-E Workshop: “Accelerating Grid Technology Introduction & Deployment”!

We were fortunate to draw insights from a panel of utility experts from Con Edison, Southern California Edison, and Cooperativa Hidroeléctrica de la Montaña (Puerto Rico Coop). It wasn’t just a conversation; it was a powerhouse session exchanging GRID COMMUNITY PERSPECTIVES on existing challenges, identifying gaps in technology, and exploring collaboration opportunities to push forward.

The discourse between utilities, innovators, and the brilliant minds at ARPA-E was nothing short of inspirational. Together, we’re not just talking about a modern grid—we’re actively collaborating to create one that’s reliable, resilient, and sustainable.

Fernando Palma Brenden Russell, PE C. P. Smith Alexander McDonald Philseok KimJonathan GlassChristian VandervortJerry Ligrani MBA GridWrap, Inc.
#gridresilience #gridreliability #grid

GridWrap was thrilled to be interviewed by Innovation Force at Distributech 2024 in Orlando. Our new VP of Communications, Elizabeth Gabriele, got to test out her presentation skills. We look forward to many more years of fruitful collaboration.

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