GridWrap is Plugging into a Prestigious Incubator

We are excited to join the PowerNorth Incubator program and connect with the Minnesota innovation ecosystem. Our company is committed to developing and demonstrating innovative solutions. Our Composite WiRe Wrap and GridWrap will strengthen the structural integrity and increase the grid infrastructure’s resilience and power capacity. Through the PowerNorth program, we can develop strategic partnerships with utilities to apply our technologies and potential solutions to real-world challenges.

What a privilege to find out on Valentine’s Day, too. We’re really feeling the love from the PowerNorth Incubator program.

It’s great to be among the nine startup semifinalists who moved on to the final pitch event with PowerNorth’s Innovators Network partners on March 2 and 3. This incubator leverages MN’s energy innovation ecosystem by connecting emerging tech businesses with leading experts from utility, research, higher education, and the cleantech industry network.

GridWrap Inc (California) – Commercializing patented Composite WiRe Wrap and GridWrap technologies that increase grid infrastructure strength and integrity while doubling power transmission capacity.
Agrometric Solutions (Ohio –Bryan L. Sherman, CEM, MFBP, EBCP) – Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) environmental control systems for Controlled Environment Agriculture (indoor farming).
Carba, Inc. – (Minnesota) – Carbon dioxide removal process (Biomass Torrefaction and Burial™) using a modular reactor system for carbon sequestration.
EGM (California) – Hardware, software, and wireless communications components for the electric transmission and distribution market, focused on grid modernization, optimization, and safety. 
ENERZA (Ontario, Canada) – Autonomous on-wire robotic monitoring to provide grid analytics at the distribution grid, such as line health, asset health, vegetation data etc. 
NeoCharge (California) – Optimization of home energy usage and EV charging installation to help people save money, reduce carbon emissions, and accurately track EV charging usage.
Radiator Labs (New York) – Energy management systems and electrification platforms for radiator-heated buildings, including insulated, smart, thermostatic radiator covers networked to central heating plant control.
Sorbiforce (Arizona/Ukraine) – The first non-metallic sustainable battery, made from renewable raw materials (carbon, water and salt).
Vessyll (Minnesota – Zahra Hargens Iliff) Commercial energy storage device using LiFePo batteries, inverters and a proprietary battery management system built to serve as a plug and play unit.

Big thanks to our partners at DOE Office of Technology Transitions EPIC program, ILT AcademyClean Energy Economy Minnesota, and the Technological Leadership Institute, University of Minnesota for being our partners in this work.

Learn more about the Innovators Network partners, including 3MCarleton CollegeCenterPoint EnergyConnexus® EnergyCummins Inc.Ever-Green EnergyMortensonOtter Tail Power CompanyScience Museum of MinnesotaSt. Thomas Center for Microgrid ResearchUniversity of Minnesota, and Xcel Energy

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