Five Reasons to Stop Replacing Utility Poles Now

Have you ever heard the story of Sisyphus? In Greek mythology, the gods punished Sisyphus and made him roll a boulder up a mountain for all eternity. He would strain and groan to push it up. However, upon reaching the top, the boulder rolled back down, and Sisyphus had to begin again.

Dealing with utility poles without PoleWrap can feel a lot like that story–Sisyphean. That term has come to mean a task that feels futile and repetitive. Utility poles require constant maintenance and replacement as they age, get hit by cars, bored into by beetles or cable companies, vandalized, and are blown over in severe weather. But we’re here to tell you five reasons why you shouldn’t swap out your utility poles anymore just because their structural integrity is compromised.

1) Deforestation

Changing wooden poles out for wooden poles requires deforestation. One of the issues companies are becoming increasingly aware of is that simply replanting trees does not restore the original biomes from before deforestation. Unfortunately, patchwork forests of differing ages do not house the same diversity of flora and fauna that they did before.

2) Carbon Emissions

If utilities decide to dig into their budget and swap concrete or steel poles for wood poles in hopes of avoiding deforestation, they encounter another environmental hazard: concrete and steel poles are heavy and require heavy machinery to fabricate and transport them. Now, all that heavy machinery contributes tremendous amounts of CO2. To top it off, concrete poles chip easily and steel poles lack the flexible overload capacity of wood poles. Companies find themselves right back at the starting line (much like Sisyphus).

3) Cost

How much does a new utility pole cost? One simple question and the mind begins to race down all the variables: location, the number of skilled workers it will take to change the pole out, and the amount of overtime. When you count the number of transformers and cables connected to the pole, the downtime required, and all the factors, changing out utility poles is a costly endeavor.

4) Wrong Budget Line!

Pole maintenance falls under operational expenses that take away value from the utility. Investing in capital expenditures adds long-term value. To further complicate matters, while a brand-new pole adds to capex, companies are left to deal with the fact that even brand-new poles are failing in the face of increasing extreme weather due to climate change.

5) Who Wants to be Like Sysiphus Anyway?

There’s a better solution. If you’ve read this far, it means you need a real solution. Our innovative PoleWrap technology can help you avoid all of the above issues. If you have a damaged pole, you have options other than replacing it. PoleWrap is a fast, easy, affordable solution. When applied to a pole it creates an in situ hybrid composite pole that significantly increases resiliency. It prevents ground rot when applied to the base of a pole. Apply it at the top of the pole where someone drilled holes that compromise the structural integrity of your structure.

Are you looking to avoid deforestation, help sustain the planet’s lungs, and prevent soil erosion from further destabilizing our environment? PoleWrap can help. Are you looking to have fewer operations expenses and more capital expenditures? When PoleWrap is applied to a brand-new pole, it is considered a capital expenditure. Consider what having an affordable in situ composite pole means for your bottom line. 

When you deploy PoleWrap, your assets get a massive upgrade. With PoleWrap, you can make your poles fireproof and much stronger than the original ones. PoleWrap makes your infrastructure stronger for longer. It cuts down on costs because it’s an affordable solution that costs a fraction of replacing a pole. 

A PoleWrap kit only takes two men two hours to install, making it easy on your bottom line. Imagine how grateful customers will be not to have interruptions to their power supply, too. Finding a solution with no downtime was one of our main concerns when developing PoleWrap.

Unlike Sysiphus, You don’t have to struggle on your own anymore. GridWrap is here to help you push that boulder up the hill.

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