About us

GridWrapTM Inc. is an innovative, woman-owned cleantech company formerly known as ALD Technical Solutions, a pioneer in the market for its unique, patented Composite WiRe WrapTM and PoleWrapTM technologies. These advancements fortify support for electrical grid infrastructure while doubling power transmission capacity—all without causing downtime. This enhancement is crucial for accomplishing safe, economic, resilient, and dependable energy goals using 100% renewable resources. Talieh and Davoud identified an urgent need to restore the aging grid infrastructure cost-effectively, safely, and reliably without downtime. Working closely with the existing energy grid inspired an innovative idea. What if advanced materials could be utilized to cut costs and enhance energy efficiency? This vision led to the inception of GridWrapTM, introducing two groundbreaking products: Composite WiRe Wrap TM and Pole WrapTM. Crafted from proprietary advanced materials, these solutions strengthen the grid and safeguard utility budgets. GridWrapTM is committed to shaping a sustainable future through its visionary approach to grid enhancement.

Our Mission

GridWrapTM strives to bring resiliency and sustainability to an aging grid. With more green energy being transferred over lines and poles that are increasingly susceptible to increasing intensity and frequency of extreme weather, the health of our infrastructure is a concern to us all. We bring our passion for excellence, affordability, and reliability to every project we execute. Our Grid-enhancing solutions defer the need to construct new lines by unleashing the potential of existing grid infrastructure. Low cost electricity, robust grid to save environments, serve underserved communities specially frontline communities which are prone for extreme weather and wildfire and utility caused wildfire.

- Team Members -

Davoud Zamani, Ph.D.

CEO & Co-Founder

Talieh Zargar, Ph.D.

CTO & Co-Founder

Elizabeth Gabriele

VP of Communications

- Key Advisors -

Donald Green ​

Strategy | GTM | General Management. Strategy development and execution. Financial modeling and analysis

Lee Krevat

Clean Technology Strategist | Utility Innovator | Climate Change Mitigation Evangelist | Podcast Host.

Prof Uwe Schmidt

Founder of E.cons GmbH, Energiesysteme Consulting | Prof. Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz.

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