Create a Resilient Future; Unleash the Potential of the Grid

Create a Resilient Future

Unleash the Potential of the Grid

Empowering Tomorrow: Enhancing Grid Resiliency and Power Capacity for a Sustainable Future

Headquartered in San Diego, GridWrap is  leading the charge in addressing the global energy crisis. GridWrap, Inc. is dedicated to delivering high-quality grid-enhancing solutions for utility and grid infrastructure. Recognizing the crucial role of the grid as the backbone of modern civilization, GridWrap focuses on creating a robust, reliable, and resilient grid to support clean electricity goals.

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With unpredictable rising costs, replacing utility poles has become a budget nightmare. Make a low-cost investment in a long-term solution. Skip the budgeting hassles and let GridWrap protect and reinforce your existing infrastructure for decades to come!


The Pole Wrap kit can be installed in under 2 hours without downtime, power outages, or street closures!


Imagine an infrastructure so strong it can withstand wildfires. In the case of extreme weather, power is information. Information saves lives. With GridWrap, you get an infrastructure that can withstand wildfires and storms.

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What if you could use renewable resources to improve the existing infrastructure? What if going green didn’t mean finding a new system but new solutions? You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to cut costs and help the environment! Contact us to find out more about how GridWrap  can strengthen your existing infrastructure. A partnership with GridWrap  is a partnership for good. Our helpful, attentive team will use their skills and knowledge to put your mind and your wallet at ease. A better world is a click away.

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